Of course, a commitment to financial success is imperative; but we believe that the key ingredient in your success is your passion for inspiring healthfulness in your community.

4Mangoes Partnership


4Mangoes Partners are successful because for them, it’s about more than just financial success. It’s about feeling fulfilled in life! It’s about making a difference in your community by sharing healthfulness.

The Iconic Brand

You will own a piece of the largest smoothie company in the world. We’ve built a brand, consumers know and trust. It’s also a brand people are excited to incorporate into their healthy, active lifestyles.

The simple life

We will setup everything needed to start the business in your area. We also supply food materials. As a 4Mangoes partner, you can enjoy the stability and revenues of a fast-casual model, without the headaches.

The Support Team

4Mangoes has spent the last couple of years building a partner Support Center to better partner with our partners. Each member on the partner Support team is an expert in their field with the ability to provide increasing support.

The Pride In Product

The key to maintaining success is to ensure that you always have the best products. This is why 4Mangoes continues to develop premium smoothies, juices, and ice cream replacements. We collaborate with our partners and our consumers, then blend and test repeatedly. Our commitment to product innovation is a vital strategy in growing market share for our partners.

The Profitability of Passion

Our Partners are typically passionate about two things: the 4Mangoes brand, and giving back to the community that supports them. In their eyes, giving back is just as important as creating wealth. After shop setup 4mangoes doesn’t interfere with the partners business. so 100% profit share provided to partners. .